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Why the World Championship


collectiveAIDA was founded in 1992 in France. Thanks to Roland Specker and his small team in which I was just a technical officer.

From the beginning, this small non profit organization tried to help the development of freediving in the world by all means. AIDA recognized and made official records, competitions, education, judge and instructor trainings.

Each of you is a part of this overall amateur system that no one could match till today. The group behind me and myself are like you who are reading these lines, passionate people trying to improve the knowledge of this discipline. We know like you that the best way to reach this objective is to help freedivers to meet themselves. One way is to organize team competitions. It was my main motivation in 1996 for the first AIDA world championship by team. My motivation is still intact today.

1992 - 2012 : 20 years, it's about adulthood for a person. It's also a good occasion to celebrate its birthday through a world championship.

After a quick survey within our group and our friends, I've seen that the majority of us would like to celebrate AIDA's twentieth birthday here. Our main partners since the beginning of our adventure, the «Conseil General des Alpes-Maritimes» and the municipality of Villefranche sur Mer, are also supporting the idea,  therefore I've decided to drive the application of NUC for the 2012 AIDA freediving worldchampionship by team.

I would like also to add a few words concerning AIDA.

AIDA is challenged in recent years by other institutions, federations, organizations, individuals who discovered that freediving was interesting, that it was not a so dangerous activity when it is well organized, and when trainers or instructors monitor their athletes or students well.

Fine ! if AIDA is challenged, it means that the quality of the work accomplished is good. I'm happy to see that some challengers exists.

Unfortunately, what I call «the dark side of the Force» is gaining ground. Some  people, companies or institutions try to use the reputation of AIDA to promote their own business.

We must not forget where we come from.

We must not forget our origin.

AIDA has given us the mean to express our passion. We must not forget it. This explains the large AIDA logo on the first page.

Back to basics freedivers !

Claude Chapuis and his team

Pour sensibiliser à nouveau les jeunes générations d'apnéistes et le public, à la nécessité d'une pratique raisonnée, encadrée, et pour fêter les 20 ans d'A.I.D.A., nous organisons le 8ème championnat du Monde d'apnée par équipe. Ce sera pour nous également l'occasion de mieux faire connaître la Méditerranée aux athlètes et au public et de rappeler combien il est nécessaire d'assurer sa protection. Nous souhaitons réunir, autour de ce projet, l'ensemble de nos partenaires historiques qui nous ont fait confiance depuis le début.

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