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Martin Stepanek


It is hard for me to look at freediving just as at sport or activity. For me, in its true meaning, freediving is a lifestyle. It affects my life, my thinking, even my feelings. A lifestyle that is stemming out of the love for the ocean.

There is no more personal or intimate way to explore and enjoy the realms of the seas than freediving. Re-visiting the place we humans once called home, on natures own terms. Freediving allows us to enjoy a very fulfilling and special connection that is almost meditative and easily addictive. Many of us can't wait for the weekends to go back in the water and experience the zen of freediving where, for a few precious moments, we become one with the sea. That's how the freediving lifestyle is born. We are willing to change our habits, adjust our diets, suffer true grueling training sessions just so we can enjoy the ocean for few seconds longer each time.

We should also never let ourselves forget why we have chosen this lifestyle in the first place - because of the ocean. Without the ocean, as we know, the sport we love would not exist. The Yin will be missing the Yang. Out of all people, freedivers have the closest relationship with the ocean, therefore it is only natural we should be the most active in preserving it. It is part of our lifestyle.

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