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Yoga lessons


Yoga lessons wiil be proposed by Sara Campbell, during the Championship week.


Few words from Sara to all freedivers

Many freedivers take up yoga as they've heard it is good for their diving. Their flexibility improves, along with strength and general fitness and they are happy. And this is great. However, yoga is so much more than a form of exercise - yoga is a philosophy for life.


Yoga works on many levels to improve freediving - for me the two disciplines are the same thing, simply one is above, and the other is below, the water!


On a physical level, the bandhas (muscle locks) help with core control, and mouthfill and equalisation. Flexibility can improve not only range of motion, but also increase lung volume and reduce residual volume and therefore increase your maximum depth. Yoga can strengthen and relax the whole body; the nervous system, the endocrine system, circulatory system - and these all have a huge impact on your diving.


For me, yoga goes much further than that, and the most fascinating aspect is the mind. The mind controls our emotional state, and our emotional state can impact on our health, how well we manage stress, and our energy levels. Once we begin to understand how our mind works we can address the things that hold us back from reaching our full potential, whether that is in the water in terms of depth, or in life in general.


Kundalini Yoga, which I teach, is known to be the fastest, most powerful form of yoga for transformation. Without a doubt it enabled me to go from beginner to three-times World Record holder in just nine months. Not only is it powerful, it is simple and great fun! I hope to see you in the daily free classes in France in September!



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