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Pavlína Procházková

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Name :Pavlína Procházková

City : Prague

Country : Czech Republic

Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Horoscope sign : Taurus

Judge level : D

Main judge experience : Judge on World Championship 2011 in Kalamata in Greece

Sponsor : Czech Apnea Team

Freediving club : Czech Apnea Team

Main occupation : Own firm Amphi – Public Relations, Marketing and Production

Diving, freediving or sport certification : PADI AOWD, PFI - First level

Feeling about judge role :

I am very glad that I can be a judge. Freedivers community is very special and friendly. Judge function is a little different and I think a little more complicated in comparison with other sports.To the judge is due to friendly links (together in training and on competititons) with freedivers community put more pressure and is entitled to an objective assessment.

Do you defend and environemental cause ? why ?

I think it is important to protect the sea and the natural environment in general. And everyone should start with himself. I believe that knowledge and understanding of the nature and behavior of animals, whether underwater or above water. We realize that we are here just to visit and that we should respect nature. It is therefore important to understand the nature and help to protect her before it's too late.

The cause we try all together to defend during this championship is the protection of the oceans. Do you have an idea of what freedivers could do for such a cause ?

Freediving in itself is proof that it is to protect the oceans as individuals. Much freedivers filming documentaries about endangered animals in the oceans and there by enhance awareness of the need to protect the oceans. For me, one of the ways to help them collectively or individually to spread awareness about the possibilities of using freediving rescue of the oceans and their inhabitants.

You like Music ? which one ?

I love music. My favorites are Frank Sinatra and Andrea Boccelli

Other : I play tenis, make joga and cannicrossing with my 2 dog

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