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Jana Balounova

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Name :Jana Balounova

City : Prague

Country : Czech Republic

Email :  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Horoscope sign : Virgin, but I don't care

Judge level : E

Main judge experience : JiL in Aarhus WC 2009

Sponsor : Strabag

Freediving club : Czech Apnea Team

Main occupation : PhD student

Diving, freediving or sport certification : CMAS ***, IANTD Adv EANx diver

Feeling about judge role :

Being a judge means a big responsibility for me as well as an extremely important experience.

Do you defend and environmental cause ? why ?

I'm supporting several environmental conservation projects, namely the "New Virgin Forest project" and Sea Shepherd. The aim of the "New Virgin Forest" project is to transform and revitalize an agricultural forest (close to my hometown) into a healthy, ecologically valuable forest with a variety of large-scale of species. I prefer to support small local projects, because I can see the results soon. Also as I'm not living at the seaside it's easier for me to support projects like this one.

The cause we try all together to defend during this championship is the protection of the oceans. Do you have an idea of what freedivers could do for such a cause ?

We should use the power of media and present the topic of ocean protection to the public. We should make movies to show people how the oceans are beautiful and how people devastate them.

You like Music ? which one ?

Yes, I like music emotions. My favourite group is Jananas.

Other : I like cross country skiing, mountain biking and in-line skating, especially in my beloved Jizera mountains. I love ice diving.

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