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Christian Fötinger

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Name : Christian Fötinger (Foetinger) aka 'Rossi'

City : Vienna

Country : Austria

Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Horoscope sign : Pesce, fishes (born 14.3.1966)

Judge level : E

Main judge experience : 3 in September

Sponsor : Safetybelt Consulting e. U. (

Freediving club :

Main occupation : Information Security Consultant

Diving, freediving or sport certification : AIDA ***, SSI AOWD, CMAS *,

Feeling about judge role : Be fair and in doubt for the athlet ! Stick to the rules for safety of competing freedivers.

Do you defend and environemental cause ? why ?

To keep the ocean and its life in a shape which is enjoyable also in the future or our kids. Respect the underwater life and its needs !

The cause we try all together to defend during this championship is the protection of the oceans. Do you have an idea of what freedivers could do for such a cause ?

Show up misuse and support organisations which care about the ocean's wildlife

You like Music ? which one ? There can be only one ! -> QUEEN !!

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