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Ingrid Richer



City : Thonon-les-Bains

Country : France

Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Horoscope sign : pisces

Freediving club : SCL Cluses

Main occupation : my professional work and associative Aida France: Secretary, responsible club membershipsand licenses

Diving, freediving or sport certification : judge national Aida France, free diving and initiator apnea

Feeling about judge role :

few points wich I think is important : concentration/observation skills, neutral, calm, objective, lean ability to listen and compliance with international regulations Aida

Do you defend and environemental cause ? why ?

Learn to respect the planet, nature and everything around it is torecognize this worthy to exist.

The cause we try all together to defend during this championship is the protection of the oceans. Do you have an idea of what freedivers could do for such a cause ?

If as human as any freedivers have confidence and sildarisent for the well being of the planet as part of the oceans and seas and their inhabitants, we can say that there is hope that we can be proud to have help as a commitment to the environment. So the world championships in Villefranche, still prove the impact of this cause.

You like Music ? which one ?

I have no preference of music style. I listen to everything if I like.

Other : I practiced Fitness (teach in Switzerland), the combative sport of gymnastics, but I found the sport that I feel like a fish in water.?I also practice the oil painting and drawing.

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