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Kimmo Lahtinen

My name is Kimmo Lahtinen.

I am the current president of Aida and I was elected to this position in the beginning of 2010.  My ultimate goal was to renew Aida and set it on steady ground for the next president. I believe that we have been successful in this challenging task in the past 2 years, during my tenure as president. Some of our accomplishments are; the re-writing of the Aida statutes, creation of a new Aida website, revamping the Aida education system and its tools, fixing the Aida ranking system, and the creation of a functioning Aida Board, just to mention a few.


I have a long history in Aida but also in my national diving federation positions. Diving has been a part of my life since I was born. I also have a lot of nice freediving related memories, especially from the Aida world championships competitions over the years.


Aida as an organization, is not an easy one to manage. Aida is a multi-lingual and multi- cultural organization with many stubborn freedivers, so it is easy to understand that there has been, and there will be, many challenges when making some good things happen in this organization.  The good news is, all the members in this organization share the same passion; the love of freediving.


Freediving is a pretty nice hobby for many people but same time it is also a way of life for some of them. Aida has been a standard for freediving now for 20 years after Claude Chapuis and Roland Specker decided to gather together some dedicated people. Without these Gentlemen I would not have written this text and you would read it. I´m just willing to thank these great Gentlemen to make this all happen and that they created this beautiful organization for us.

Now it is time to celebrate 20th Anniversary together at Villefranche-sur-Mer.

See you all there!


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